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Club Ohtori [entries|friends|calendar]
An Alternate Reality SKU RPG

"So lets find a bar so dark we forget who we are;
Where all the scars from the nevers & maybes die"

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What's in a name, really? [13 Oct 2006|12:57am]

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Always keep them on gaurd and still knock them done. [13 Oct 2006|02:02am]

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[01 Oct 2006|11:08pm]

"A night longer than hoped?"

Those words insinuated themselves into Juri's thoughts of running her fingers through soft strands the color of a desert sunset. Such pleasantness slipped out of her grasp as she realized the speaker had breeched her perimeter without detection.

Only a ghost could sneak up on me like that, she thought, but quickly dismissed as she didn't believe in ghosts. She then rolled her eyes. Oh yes, I don't believe in ghosts but I believe winning a car race will grant me the power of miracles.

"Far from it," Juri said in cool tones. "This night has reached its prime." She turned her gaze from the entrance to the one that had spoken. The first thing that met her eyes was pink hair. Exactly what she had been thinking of, except the owner of this head of hair was male. She'd been expecting Utena, but got this... businessman instead. She noted the make of the suit he was wearing. A fine businessman indeed.

Pushing the curtain of curls back from her face, Juri met the man's eyes. "I've not seen you here before. I hope you are finding Club Ohtori to your liking," she said. "I am the house manager, Arisugawa Juri. Is there anything I can get you? A drink perhaps?"
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To Wish Impossible Things; are but an Invitation to One Such as I [19 Sep 2006|12:24am]

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To Wish Impossible Things [11 Sep 2006|01:43am]

And all I wish is gone away.Collapse )
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[29 Aug 2006|08:50am]

Wakaba folded the check in half with all the precision of an origami professional, and placed it delicately in her tip pocket. Reconsidering (this wasn't exactly spare change!) she slipped the paper into her bra instead. Nobody would be getting to it in there.

The orange-haired woman had sat back down, and was looking at the waitress with a practiced eye. She reminded the girl of her cognac. Feeling rather impressionable, Wakaba took the glass and knocked the remainder down in one gulp. And then the world started to spin ever-so-slightly, her stomach knotting just a tad.

“You're done with your shift for the night, so feel free to head home or stay longer. I'm sure we could find something more entertaining to do, if you are so inclined this night.”

Entertaining? Like... watch a movie? "Uh... I think I'd... better go." Wakaba replied, placing a hand on her abdomen. The knots in her stomach were starting to tighten. Better get to the restroom. Or the street. Air could do her some good, maybe.

Wakaba fidgeted, looking rather seasick. Juri had poised herself in a throughtful position, elegantly observing (Wakaba figured) some past memory or future aspiration.

The waitress had aspirations, too. The primary one being, at this moment, getting to the restroom in time. "Uh... Ma'am?" she asked, shifting slightly in an attempt to calm her stomach, "Ma'am? I should probably..."

No answer. This was turning into a nightmare for poor woozy Wakaba. Stuck in the Panther's office, ready to barf on the delicate upholstery, with no way out other than being imploite and possibly ruining her chances to ever dance again.

Juri's eyes focused on the brunette. The brunette, still fidgety, silently rejoiced.

“Until tomorrow then?”

"Until tomorrow! Good night, Ma'... Juri!"

And out of the office the doe fled, making straight for the alleyway and a breath of night air. She was off for the night now, right? First she had to see Utena (once she got her stomach under control, that is) and tell her of her fortune, and then... the world was her oyster! Considering, of course, that the 'stomach under control' part actually ever happened.
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[18 Aug 2006|12:47am]

Juri never got tired of seeing that look that Wakaba currently had on her face. The panther threw her money around quite generously when it came to Club Ohtori's dancers, her girls. These days you really can get anything for the right price. Well, anything but love, but Juri wasn't going to dwell on that at the moment.

The panther chuckled lightly as the waitress tried to speak and handed over the check. She then patted the young woman on the shoulder. She was certain at some point her amusement with the whole situation would die down, but Wakaba was simply too cute. And innocent.

Was I ever that innocent?

Juri's thoughts moved in one direction as her lips spoke words in another. “Do finish up the cognac, Wakaba dear,” she said as she handed the waitress' glass back to her.

Not since... back then... before...

“You're done with your shift for the night, so feel free to head home or stay longer. I'm sure we could find something more entertaining to do, if you are so inclined this night.” She ran her tongue across her teeth suggestively and then gave a throaty chuckle.

Before Shiori was... Before I started...

She tilted her head back and drained the remains of her glass, pulling her gaze from the waitress.

Was I even innocent before I started looking at Shiori as something more than a childhood friend?

The question she posed to herself hit a little raw and she withdrew some. Hooding her eyes once more, the panther automatically slipped back into her cool, less open facade. She leaned back against the desk and stared into the dredges of her glass. She mulled that question over in her mind and, for a moment, forgot about Wakaba's presence in the office. If the girl said anything in that moment, the words were lost upon the house manager.

Juri barely kept herself from starting when the light reflecting off her glass suddenly changed, drawing her out of her reverie. She looked up to find Wakaba still there. She chastised herself for forgetting her current situation. She wasn't even sure how long she'd been out of it.

“Until tomorrow then?”
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[17 Aug 2006|08:52pm]

Was it cold in the office? It probably was. Wakaba couldn't tell, despite her lack of... um... garments. Speaking of garments, she noticed (through a cognac and nerves-fueled buzz) that Juri was giving hers a derogatory look... and they were her best! Well, maybe not her best (was there enough material there to even be compared to her non-Club clothes?) but, damnit, she complied to the tacit dress code and...

"Uh," she started to say, but Juri had begun to speak at the same time and Wakaba swallowed her tongue. Not literally... well, almost. She gulped and tried to smile.

Training week. Chigusa's beck and call. Classes changed? "My schedule's the same, ma'am." Sure, she'd dropped two and added three classes, but she went in and got out at the same time, which was all her boss needed to know.

The aforementioned cognac-nerves buzz helped the waitress take the... ah... observation with aplomb. She recognized that she was probably going to be under much more scrutiny dancing in even less clothing when she got up on that stage, and though she stifled a giggle as Juri's nails grazed her leg (hee hee... tickles...) she grasped the older woman's chair and stayed remarkably still.

Juri was talking again. More integral information? Yes. Wakaba's brain clutched at her boss' words, trying to hold onto them. Picking her up tomorrow. Right. After a long moment, the brunette girl bobbed her head. Yes. Understood.

“You can get dressed now,” purred the panther. Pale hands reached for skimpy Club attire, pulling it on with no eye for grace. Clothed, Wakaba started to tremble again. A dream had just come true, she was going to dance...

And now what? Back to the world, to live through tonight and tomorrow filled with incredible, unreal anticipation. Back to the same apartment to feed the toads, try not to wake the girls, creep into the same bed and watch the same sun rise the next morning...

Juri's pretty paw extended, clutching a check. An advance. When Wakaba's eyes hit it, they widened exponentially. 2500.00. Those are... a lot of numbers. They added up to something awfully big. She re-read it several times, assuming she was adding zeroes or something, but, no, it always came out the same. Twenty-five hundred.

“Any questions, my dear?”

"Uh... buh...guh?" was Wakaba's eloquent reply. She reached for the check in a vaguely wistful way, still entrenched in disbelief.
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[10 Aug 2006|01:16pm]

Juri looked from the skirt in her hands over to Wakaba and nodded. “Good. You will start with her tomorrow night, staying late after the club closes so she can assess your skills.”

She then picked up the waitress' blouse laying on the floor as well, skirt now draped over her arm, and critically looked it over. This wouldn't do at all. The quality was poor and the fabric didn't breathe or move well with the young woman at all. Internally Juri sighed; Wakaba was a starving college student after all.

“During this...” Juri searched a moment for the right word. “Training week with Sanjouin-san, you shall be at her beck and call. Whenever she wishes you to meet her, wherever it is, you will be there,” the panther said, her gaze moving from the blouse to Wakaba to ensure the point was well made. “I will make sure she doesn't interfere with your classes, as long as your schedule hasn't changed from what you gave me at the beginning of the semester.”

Carefully folding the blouse and also draping it over her arm, the panther slowly circled the waitress, a keen eye evaluating the woman's body and undergarments. Pert breasts, flat stomach, shapely legs... Juri nodded approvingly as she ran a hand over Wakaba's stomach and then down over her buttocks, cupping slightly to test firmness. “Very nice,” she said in a low voice as she once more nodded with approval.

Nails traced lightly down one leg as Juri knelt next to the waitress and came to rest at the young woman's ankle. “Hold onto something,” she said. She carefully slipped off one stiletto heel and looked it over. No wonder the woman was constantly stumbling – it takes a very long time and a lot of practice to be able to move fluently without pause in such heels. Juri herself rarely ever wore them for a similar reason, though her typical manner of dress was geared more towards boots than strappy stiletto heels. She returned the heel to the waitress and straightened up. First thing she needed to do is get the woman some heels she can actually dance in.

Setting the clothing on the chair, Juri looked at the waitress. “I will be picking you up from your apartment Monday after your last class.” She smiled and traced a nail along the woman's collarbone. “If you are going to be a headliner, you will need a fitting wardrobe.”

Hazel eyes tinged with a little desire flickered once more over Wakaba's form. She supposed she should let the woman get dressed now before she melted under the panther's gaze. Though that could be rather fun to clean up...

“You can get dressed now,” she said and turned to pick up her glass of cognac. She leaned against her desk, sipping slowly, and watched the waitress' movements for a moment before she rounded her desk and wrote out a check for twenty five hundred, her elegant script flowing across the paper. The waitress probably had some tuition left to pay as well as her living expenses. She handed the check to the waitress. “An advance,” she said.

“Any questions, my dear?”
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[02 Aug 2006|03:20pm]

Wakaba heard an interesting sound from her boss. She focused on her current pivot and hip-swaying (she only stumbled slightly, and mentally congratulated herself) but soon the noise behind her was too much to ignore. She glanced over her shoulder and found a sight that made her want to turn to pond slime.

Juri was laughing. The beautiful panther was laughing... at her. A million thoughts hit Wakaba's brain at once: she'd thought she'd been doing so well!, she needed to get out of the office now, utter shame and anguish, the fact that she would never get a job now... Too innocent and straightforward to notice Juri's previous innuendo, Wakaba also missed the affection that tinted her laughter.

The brunette girl had frozen mid-turn. She took one wobbly step backwards, mouth agape, and a single tear slipped down her cheek. This was it. In that moment Wakaba swore off dancing forever-- for that matter, anything that required her to be in front of people. Maybe she could go find a job shovelling feed at the zoo or something like that, where she could just hide forever and ever.

She made a tentative effort to retrieve her fallen clothing, feeling very very exposed. "I'm... I'm sorry, I'd better go, I'm sorry..."

And then Juri's arms were around her. She smelled the woman's perfume and felt a little warmer, wondering if maybe the panther was taking pity on her... but she didn't want to be a pity case... she had some skills of her own, didn't she? She was worthwile, wasn't she? Of course she was, but maybe dancing wasn't where she belonged.

The flame-haired woman leaned down, and the waitress, wide-eyed, felt soft pressure on her lips. "Wakaba dear, that has got to be the best performance I've seen in a very long time," Juri's voice poured like honey over Wakaba's despair. A glimmer of hope surfaced.

"The spot is yours."

Wakaba didn't believe it, at least not at first. Cautious that Juri was playing a trick on her, she nodded silently to each statement the panther made after that crucial one. Work... with the Wicked Queen... sure, but it's certainly too good to be true: isn't it?

"No... of course not." She finally said. "I don't mind at all."
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[26 Jul 2006|03:34pm]

Juri blinked as Wakaba slipped out from beneath her gaze and got to her feet. This was not what she had expected.

No, no... Wakaba was supposed to close the distance and grace the panther's lips with her own; show that she was willing to do anything for the job. Hazel eyes followed the waitress as the young woman began to move in time to the music Miki had gotten back up and running. Straightening up, she raised an eyebrow as green undergarments were displayed for her viewing pleasure.

The waitress seemed to misunderstand what Juri's intentions were. She furrowed her brow for a brief moment in confusion. No... she... Juri's eyes widened just a fraction, her face smoothing out once more, and she chuckled. Juri had veiled them entirely way too well. Wakaba really was as innocent and naive as she seemed. She had no clue what lengths she would have to go to get this job as hers. And considering how much work, even for an amateur set, the waitress required...

Then an attempted sexy beckoning look was sent Juri's way as the waitress continued to dance and Juri lost it.

First her shoulders started to shake. Then she bit her lip in effort to keep silent and not disturb the... wonderful show going on before her. The more Wakaba shimmied her skirt off, the harder it was to keep her composure. Tears glistened at the corners of her eyes and, as soon as the skirt hit the floor, Juri couldn't hold back anymore and her mirth escaped her lips. The laughter that issued forth was hearty and deeply felt, even slightly affectionate - obvious directed at the situation and not the waitress before her.

It had been a very long time since not only had she laughed in such a fabulous manner, but since she had been so thoroughly and completely turned aside - even if the waitress had no idea what she had managed to accomplish. It was very refreshing and Juri decided to change her plans.

Wiping the tears from her eyes, trying not to laugh even harder at the expression on Wakaba's face, Juri closed the distance between them. The panther took the young woman in her arms and held her in a gentle embrace against her chest. It took her a moment longer to regain control over her laughter before she gently tilted Wakaba's face up and placed an affectionate, not intrusive, light kiss upon her lips.

“Wakaba dear, that has got to be the best performance I've seen in a very long time,” Juri said with a smile, not referring to the waitress' dancing. Without really realizing it, being an ingrained movement, she played the nails of one hand up Wakaba's exposed back. “The spot is yours,” the panther purred and finally released her captive.

“You will need some work, though,” Juri continued, slipping back into more business mannerisms. “The set won't be ready for a few days at least, if not a week. During that time, you will be under the tutelage of one of the premier dancers. Sharpen your edges, makes you more comfortable with what's expected... that sort of thing.”

Juri reached down and picked up the skirt laying on the floor. A predatory grin slid across her face. “I hope you won't mind working closely with the Wicked Queen.”
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[25 Jul 2006|08:51pm]

Carpe onus, if Wakaba had anything to do with it. However, while Wakaba might have defined the noun as 'weork', she had only taken enough Latin to get by as a prospective veterinarian and was unaware of what might be a more appropriate translation: 'trouble'.

Impress her. Impress someone so powerful. The waitress wasn't sure exactly what she would have to do (and how good she would be at anything past the dancing) but, well, it did no harm to give it a try.

It was almost surprising that Juri didn't comment on the pounding sound that filled Wakaba's ears. It was so lout, it must have been... construction. Going on down the street. Interesting that her head felt faint and that the thuds happened to correspond with the oscillation within her chest.

Impress me.

Hair the color of autumn curled so close by that Wakaba could smell it, make out the individual strands. It was the moment, indeed.

Leave it to Wakaba to totally misunderstand 'moment'. In order to not disturb the woman peering ferally at her, the brunette slid her seat backwards a few steps. Smooth, pale legs slipped off of the chair and balanced on tiny stiletto-shod feet.

First step: standing. Status: Accomplished!

Second step: impress Juri. Status: unknown. But possibly achieved through dancing.

The girl began to sway. She didn't have much of a routine prepared, but she had watched the girls night after night and knew most of their sets pretty well. Without much time to decide, she settled on Chigusa's: she'd seen it pretty recently, and didn't rely completely on any props.

Surprisingly, she did a passable job. Her top came off at the opportune moment, exposing a lacy forest-green boustier. Giving Juri what she hoped was a come-hither look, she pivoted and slowly, inch by inch, began to slip her skirt down over her hips. It was not something the girl was accustomed to doing in front of people, but she would have to get used to it. Judging by her lack of devastating mistakes so far, it looked like a job was in her future.

Carpe onus.
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[17 Jul 2006|12:48am]

Juri placed her hand over Wakaba's on the glass the waitress was holding to keep the glass steady and poured her more of the cognac. She filled the glass back to half-way so there was a lessened chance that the young woman would spill it. The panther retracted her hand, nails lightly grazing across the back of the waitress' hand and she met those wide soft brown eyes with her own.

She could sense the waitress' anticipation. It was as if she could smell it just as well as wild animals can smell fear. She had Wakaba right in the palm of her hand and it was as if the waitress didn't know what cleverly laid trap she had walked easily into. The young woman was practically trembling with the anticipation. One wrong move and the doe would take flight, Juri's chance lost. It was a chance the panther had to take. And even then, the chase was almost as much fun as the stalking of her prey.

Juri placed the decanter on the edge of her desk, her eyes never leaving Wakaba's and positioned herself on the arm of her chair, facing towards the waitress a mere foot before her. One small sip of the cognac later, she pushed some of her curls back over her shoulder.

“I am looking to utilize the two new dance tables on the main floor a little more. Things have been cooling down too much during the midnight break and we need some captivating entertainment. Thus, I am looking for a fresh face to headline my new amateur set to be featured during the midnight break,” Juri said. “What I am looking for is a beautiful girl with a sense of innocence about her that can command the stage. I need someone who has the style, drive and compunction to draw in all our patrons, male and female, with this persona, able to do whatever it takes to make them come back again. It's one thing to be just another pretty face and set of legs on the stage, but another altogether to create a name for yourself and be remembered, talked about after the next set has come on.”

Juri leaned forward and traced a finely manicured nail down along Wakaba's neck. “I think you have the greatest potential of all that I have looked at as far as fulfilling this role. And as such, Wakaba dear, I am going to break my own rules and give you a chance. Convince me that the headliner for the amateur set belongs to you. Convince me that you can hold the attentions of anyone that comes to watch.”

Juri fell silent as she watched the dawning of realization at what could be flash across the waitress' face. She smiled and gently lifted Wakaba's chin, tilting her head back, and leaned in closer. She was close enough that she could feel the warm pear-scented breath of her prey.

“Impress me, Wakaba,” Juri said in a lower, more sultry tone. “I can do great things for you. You will be one of my girls. And I take very good care of my girls.”

The panther decided not to explicitly state what all was required of her girls as any of the employees that traversed backstage or spent anytime at all paying attention to the dancers when they chatted amongst themselves were aware of what Juri expected from them – loyalty, occasional favors, and attending the house manager upon request. All this in exchange for good pay, a steady job, personal security, free samples and the attention of the panther herself which is enough to make any woman feel very good about herself.

In the end, it cultivated the connections that Juri wanted and occasionally she was able to drown her pain by lavishing a chosen dancer or two with pleasure. Which was all she could really hope for. None of these women had the chance to even touch her heart, trapped within the confines of a golden locket as it was, but in the midst of passion she could almost forget the past. She did enjoy the attention, the praise for and rapture these ladies had for her. Fallen angel though she may be, she did enjoy having her ego stroked, among other things.

Juri removed her hand from Wakaba's chin, but maintained her position a mere breath away from the waitress' lips. Hazel eyes calm and clear did not release the ones before her. Now was the moment. Would the doe spring away and run, or would she take what was offered to her?

Carpe Diem.
Come Down

[16 Jul 2006|10:39pm]

Wakaba was starting to sense victory, or maybe it was just the alcohol warming her nerves. At any rate, she knew that things were starting maybe to go well- every positive sign that Juri gave sank directly into Wakaba's currently impressionable mind. There were hints, insinuations, the waitress could pick them up-- but she was too nervous/tired/excited to know what they meant.

This really was some good cognac. Good enough to change Wakaba's entire view of the Club Ohtori power structure. Not calling Juri Ma'am? Fine by her. Unfortunately she had no idea what to call her otherwise ('Juri' just seemed faaaaar too informal) so she settled with a nod and a smile. Not-ma'am. Got it.

And then she recieved a compliment. A nice one. A thoughtful, seemingly sincere one. The waitress (who was growing less sober at an alarming rate) allowed her full, wide smile to play on her lips as she looked downwards slightly. Commendable. What a kind thing to say! "Thank you..." she paused in a space that would once have been occupied by a 'Ma'am, "...very much! I really do try, and I'm very sorry about all the glasses." Maybe it's not a good idea to relax Wakaba. Does Juri really want her ear talked off?

One gentle hand played idly with the hem of her short skirt. Wakaba was sort of in a dream world. A pleasant, pear-flavored dream world where she was complimented by Miss Arisugawa and she had a chance to try the stage again, a chance to be beautiful and special and pretty.

“I have an offer you simply cannot refuse.”

Doe eyes opened wider.

“Are you enjoying the cognac?”

Now Juri stopped, giving the girl time to respond. She took a moment to think, finally stuttering out an answer.

"Yes, yes... I am." But her mind was working furiously. What was this about an offer? Taking a deep breath, she looked her boss in the eyes. Offer? What offer? Ask, beautiful and powerful lady, and ye shall receive. At least in theory.
Come Down

[11 Jul 2006|10:57pm]

Juri leaned slightly toward Wakaba, crossing her legs the other direction, as she allowed the waitress to enjoy the drink in her hands. Silently, she watched the young woman's eyes play through various emotions – anticipation mostly though there was a brief flash of want in her eyes before they turned down toward the glass of cognac. The panther's smile grew in a slightly predatory manner. Want indeed, but the want that the waitress displayed was not the same want Juri was tactfully hiding. Wakaba's want was for the stage, for the attention and glory of the Club Ohtori exotic dancers. And, if Wakaba played her cards right, or better yet allowed Juri to play the cards for her, she could very well get what she wanted.

And it would be so easy. The panther didn't even have to push toward the subject and see how far that want of Wakaba's went. Things go so much better when I don't have to test the waters first, Juri thought. This little filly will do just about anything for that chance to shine.

She took a controlled sip of her own drink as she watched the waitress. She would give her a little more time – let the alcohol loosen the waitress up a bit. Wakaba was way to tense and unfocused, her mind probably pulling in several directions at once. First thing she had to do was break a bit of the tension.

“Wakaba dear, please you need not be so formal with me when it is just the two of us,” Juri said, her voice maintaining its steady meter. She chuckled a little. “ Ma'am is something I call my mother.” A blatant lie as both Juri's parents were deceased, but there was no need to divulge that bit of her past, much less any real aspect of it, to the waitress. “I would appreciate it if you'd relax. I'm not going to bite,” she said as she reached out and tucked a stray piece of wet hair that had chosen to curl against Wakaba's cheek back behind her ear.

The panther whetted her throat once more upon the cognac, draining the glass, and she casually rose from her seat. She continued to speak with the waitress as she crossed over to the cabinet where her alcohol was kept. “I'm very pleased you like working here at Club Ohtori. Aside from the occasional mishap, now and then, you are a commendable employee,” Juri said as she retrieved the crystal clear decanter displaying the pale amber liquor within.

She took her time pouring herself a new glass to give Wakaba a bit of time to actually relax. Whereas it was amusing to play with a tightly coiled spring, it was foolish to play too much without someone to point it at when it finally releases its catch. Let this one unwind a bit and then see what shapes it can be twisted into.

“Club Ohtori can provide great opportunities to those employees that have the will and drive to go that extra mile, take on additional duties, strive to stay on top,” Juri continued as she returned to her chair bringing the decanter with her. “I see great potential in you, Wakaba, if you have what it takes to stay on top of the competition. Club Ohtori is very much like a gladiatorial arena where your performance on and off the stage determine the favor of the ones that hold your fate.” So very true for all those that vie for revolution.

The panther allowed her most charming smile to touch her lips as she reined in the urge to lick her chops. “I have an offer you simply cannot refuse,” she said, placing subtle emphasis on the word 'cannot'.

Juri let that sit in the waitress' mind for a moment as she took another sip of her drink. She offered to refill the young lady's glass. “Are you enjoying the cognac?”
Come Down

[07 Jul 2006|08:47pm]

There was something interesting in the golden panther's eyes. Wakaba picked it up, even though her mind was buzzing with a million hornets and she couldn't place it. At any rate, it was emotion, well-hidden but there.

But since when was it a waitress' place to go prying into the private affairs of a such a successful, beautiful-- dare she say perfect?-- woman? Her life and destiny were Juri's to be trifled with, and she knew it as well as any woman who worked her nights away in the darkness of Club Ohtori. Wakaba even noticed (tacitly) the packages that Juri handed out like candy, the men in dark coats who came to talk to her in the quiet hours, and the price of her clothing. This woman was not someone to be trifled with- she was someone to obey, with the promise of dreams come true.

And for Wakaba, one particular dream was seeming closer and closer to fruition. The brunette registered that she was being asked coddled, patted-- not being spoken sharply to. She was late-- and no rage or anger seemed incited. It was certainly not rage she detected in her boss' peridot eyes.

"Oh, Ma'am," she protested weakly, fluttering her hand, "I'm all right. Honestly. I don't mind getting a little wet once in a while." Of course, she was referring to the sprinkler malfunction-- she was far too flustered to even notice the possible innuendo, or Juri's posture, or even, really, the clingingly damp material of the gorgeous woman's top.

Juri's voice was really something, Wakaba mused in some sense-making part of her brain. Her head tilted, and she listened. How lovely. Speaking of lovely, there was alcohol being offered, and she took it into her small hand to sniff it. Exquisite scent. Eyes the hue of chestnuts opened wider in delight, but she answered Juri's question before allowing herself a miniscule sip. "Ma'am, my employment is... going very well." What else was she supposed to say? Hesitation played around the final words, a silent plea for another chance at her dream, but it was drowned in the cognac and the shadows of the dripping room.
Come Down

[28 Jun 2006|01:06am]

From the shadows of her haven she watched her likeness cater to the pretty duo that decorated his booth, at the same time attempting to undo the damage that the sprinkler explosion had wrought. Did he even know she was there? Did he care? That old longing rose up like a lover in her stomach and her fingers curled like claws against the wall where she hovered. The idea of retreat flitter through her mind like the prying raven she’d dispelled, as unpleasant and black as she bird had been. Guardian angel’s weren’t to be seen or prayed to after all. And then her body was stilled by the emerald abyss that swallowed blue voids like quicksand. Beneath Anthy Himemiya’s gaze hatred and desire encased her, coffin like, and the quirk of full lips was menacing.

An eye for an eye. You screw my brother, I screw yours. Her phone was still there, icy against the heat of her thigh and warm beneath chill of her fingers. But I never play fair.

The ring was a low, long purr in her ear as she stepped from the darkness of her sanctuary and back out among the lions den of a room for a second time that evening. She picked a creature from among the throng of writhing patrons, a young girl who looked as if she’d gained access into the place by bust line and panty line, not age. One arm found hold around the female’s waist as a blush touched the lily cheeks of a narrow face while the phone clicked and a sleepy male voice filled her hearing.

“Do you know what time it is?”
“Contact information.”
“Nanami Kiryuu.”
The Nanami Kiryuu? Media darling and pert little blonde with an ass like-”
“Mm-hm.” She toyed with the plunging neckline of the blushing girl, tipping her head to the side innocently. “Anything?”
“Home phone.”
“No cell phone signal. Strange. Car phone?”
“Patch me.”
“A pleasure as always.”

Silence and then the lazy drone of ringing again swallowed his voice. She released the girl, trading her in for a place with her back against the hard chest of bleached haired Yanki across the floor. Again the ringing parted and gave way to masculine tones.

“Nanami Kiryuu, please.”
Uncertainty and suspicion laced the tone that responded; “Who’s calling?”

She heard the sharp intake of break and smirked in dark amusement. One finger traced the low riding waistline of her partner’s pants. There was the muffled correspondence of voices and the shifting of flesh and fabric and then the high-pitched vocals she’d been waiting to hear finally blossomed into full, indignant rhapsody.

“Who is this? This is a private number.” The princess was incensed.
“How surprising. It was considerably easy to reach you.”

Silence answered her response and she wondered if she could hear Nanami Kiryuu swallowing her tongue. The voice that came through the receiver was convincingly devoid of apprehension or intimidation. Points for its owner.

“You’re called Lapis, aren’t you? I’ve heard of you. But don’t think I can be cowed by a reputation.”
“Glad to hear it.”
“What do you want with me?”
Kozue smiled at the blunt impatience.
“I heard you were having a problem with Anthy Himemiya.”
“Oh. And who told you that?”
Observation. “A little birdy told me.”
“Apparently your turkey lied.” Kozue could hear the deception like music beneath her voice. “I really don’t have the slightest interest in Anthy Himemiya.”
“Oh? Silly me. I thought it might be a family thing. Since your brother so does.”
A bit marked the recipient’s disturbance. “I beg your pardon?”
“Didn’t you know? Why else do you think he’d frequent such a place?”
“What would you know!?”

The words were a scream and echoed over the distance sounds of crowd and carnival music. So the princess was at Mayhem was she? And her composure was slipping, oh dear.

“Well. Never mind.”

Kozue had no more idea of Touga motivations than, she suspected, his sister did but the lie benefited her and it certainly would unbalance her prey, the golden haired mega-diva. The feeling of fingers against her own sent a shiver along her arm and her eyes shifted to find her dance partner’s hand moving to slip the phone from her fingers, grinning in arrogant confidence. She drove her elbow into his gut sharply, enjoying the choking sound that sputtered from his throat.

“I’m on the phone. Idiot.”
Haughty suspicion. “What was that?”
“Boys.” She slinked from the dance floor, towards the bar, massaging the offended elbow with deft fingers. “They’re so grabby.”
“I don’t have time for playing your little games!” Her highness’ temper has snapped it seemed. “Do you have any idea who I am?”
“Every. In fact I thought I’d drop by and get to know you. Personally. How’s this Saturday, for you?” It wasn’t a request, it was a warning. Beneath the burning stare of the lights she leaned against the bar top, studying the sheen of her nails.
Nanami’s voice was low and impressively menacing. “I don’t accept visitations.”
“It’s a date then.”
Barely concealed exasperation and then dismissal laced the blonde’s tone. “You’re welcome to try. But I have guards placed all around my residence. And I really can’t be held responsible to what a group of men do to a foolishly overconfident woman.”
Her lips curved against the dark plastic of the mouthpiece. “Vice versa.”

And then the foreign sounds evaporated as she ended abruptly, as if a wire had been taken to the cord of the phone on the other end. The call had been terminated. The phone was snapped shut against her hip, laughter tickling her throat with airy wings. She leaned back, reclining until her body encompassed four of the barstools, short locks fanning around her face. Some people just had no faith.
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[24 Jun 2006|11:47am]

Juri stood in her office, towel in hand, and attempted to get as much of the water out of her hair as she could. She was annoyed at the state of the club, annoyed at the state of her navy blue pants suit, annoyed at the evening's delays. She had plans and Touga felt the need to upset them as much as humanly possible. Okay, perhaps she was being a little harsh; Touga didn't read minds, thank the gods. He couldn't have known what she had planned for the evening, and, thinking about it, that was for the best. The man would probably have gone even further out of his way to ruin her night if he knew.

She snorted and finger combed her hair, the semi-wet tresses weighing down her natural curls. How he ever got it in his mind that he had even a chance of getting her into bed was beyond her other than perhaps it was just one more way to boost his ego. Then again, a huge ego did lead to stupidity. Yeah, let's go be smart and get the club's open and vocal lesbian to agree to sleep with someone who not only has the wrong equipment but also a propensity to brutalize the women he's with. Juri rolled her eyes.

Oh yes... I find that most appealing, she sarcastically thought. Then those thoughts were turning to a decidedly darker path when there came a hesitant knock upon her office door.

Juri paused, towel over her shoulders, and a predatory grin crossed her face. That knock was most certainly from Wakaba and not Utena. Now her night can get back on track. Touga had left the building, Utena had been properly spared from the man's need to start a fire, Kozue was somewhere in the building and Wakaba had returned from her delivery, primed for the panther's proposal.

“Come in,” she called to the waitress.

The door opened and the waitress slipped inside, a mix of emotions on her adorable face. Juri suppressed a chuckle at the combination of fear and anticipation that colored the young woman's soft brown eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and, in Wakaba's case, that was most certainly true. Juri's were as well, though she'd learned years ago to mask what she didn't want others to see in her eyes. Her own hazel eyes were displaying nothing but calm appraisal.

Juri moved to the chair before her desk where she had laid her jacket to retrieve it, placing it on her desk, before she smoothed down the front of her unfortunately still wet cream colored blouse. Normally she would be annoyed by the almost see-through quality the garment had at the moment, but it might be of benefit in this endeavor, so she tried to ignore it. It was nights like this that she was very, very glad she didn't wear her locket to the club.

“Thank you for delivering that, Wakaba,” Juri said. “I hope you didn't get caught too badly in that torrent of water from the sprinklers earlier.” She knew very well the woman had been soaked just like everyone else, but since her office was amazingly dry in comparison to the rest of the club, she decided to pretend she didn't know. Hazel eyes drifted over the waitress' form and she clucked her tongue once.

“Oh, my dear,” she started with concern, unwinding the towel from her shoulders, “you look positively drenched. Here, take a seat,” the panther beckoned her prey to sit at one of the two leather chairs, moved just enough to be angled more toward each other than before. She leaned over slightly, auburn locks tumbling forward over her shoulder, and gently patted the waitress' face with a dry section of the towel.

After a moment, Juri flashed a charming smile at the young woman and left the towel in her grasp. She crossed the short distance to her desk and picked up the two glasses of pear cognac, a smooth sweet liquor one does not find easily at the local store, and returned to sit in the opposite chair. She crossed her legs and held one of the glasses out to the waitress. She kept her gaze steady and locked onto the waitress – not in an intimidating manner, but a direct and focused one. The young woman was quite delicious. Now to start...

“Tell me, Wakaba, dear, how are you finding your employment here at Club Ohtori?”
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[23 Jun 2006|10:41pm]

Wakaba was spacey, but in a different sort of ADD way in comparison to the Rose Bride's gentle drift of thought. Almost to prove that very point, the waitress dashed inside Miki's hideaway and proceeded to ooh and ah over the darkened machinery; the re-ignition of a small portion elicited a gasp of delight. Lights played like multicolored fireflies all along the soundboard, green and red and very very interesting. Not to mention, she realized, that they all did something. It was really quite fascinating to a future veterinarian and college student like the Shinohara girl.

It eventually registered that she was being addressed. "Do I..? Oh, no!" Does she look like she knows much about sound equipment? The question (and attention from a male) made her blush a little and giggle, though. She turned to face Miki directly and smiled a warm, open sort of smile. "I would love that." And she stared. Smiling. For just a moment. Then a thought meandered up through the depths of her brain. Dancing... office... Miss Arisugawa!

"Oh no!" she cried out loud, turning on her heels and running full-tilt out the door into the main club. Leaving minor destruction in her wake, the girl made it back to the hallway, and at the door to her boss' office. She took a deep breath and smoothed her skirt (this might very well be an audition of some kind, after all!) before knocking with a trembling hand.
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[18 Jun 2006|07:20pm]
Anthy dropped her eyes to the case in the petite waitress’ hands even as her lips curved into a warm, grateful smile at the offered compliment.

“Thank you.”

She had no doubt that her engaged would be relived by the Panther replenishing his stash. The Rose Bride had no ability to comprehend such vices. Alcohol, drugs…neither seemed to affect her. It was possibly a family trait, which would explain how her brother held all that wine. Still she knew enough to be able to emulate. When the situation called. As if that could ever meet the hunger, the want. It took a moment for her to realize that Wakaba had asked her a question, requesting interest into the accidental prison. Poor little Rose Bride, she really was spacey. The dreamy look retreated like mist from the green glass of her eyes, bearing all the depth of a puddle and her vapid smile won purchase on glossed lips. Her head tipped and wet hair writhed against her cheeks and neck.

“Of course. I’m sorry for the mess.” She retreated so that the waitress could slip into the booth where to noise of the crowd was dimmed into a world like a movie without sound.

Water droplets glittered over the black consul, shimmering various hues with the light that flashed through the windows. Anthy sat and felt the back of her legs chill as a puddle dispersed beneath the press of her body. Her eyes flickered away from the waitress towards her engaged as he manifested again prepared to undo the destruction that had been wrought upon his lifeblood. She rolled back out of the way and kept her silence as he spoke and worked. Her gaze had moved beyond the booth in the direction that Miki refused to look, eyes going flirting over the crowd. The burn of blue eyes was hard to overlook, as was the expression on a face like one she’d traced with her lips.

She met Kozue Kaoru’s eye through the glass, violet waves shading her features like silk curtain, and she smiled. Knowingly, amusedly, innocently. I know you. I know what you’ve done. And I know you know how similar we are, you and I.

"It looks like you shall have tonight's last dance after all!"

She turned away from the Siren and looked towards Miki again, her default expression slipping on, a quick and natural change of masks. The violet angel, again.

"I'm so glad."
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