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Club Ohtori

Where Eternity Is Only Two Drinks Away

An Alternate Reality SKU RPG
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The night life in this city is constantly lit up and moving. From the club going ravers to the sleezy prostitutes that walk down the streets when the lights go out. In the heart this corruption rests Club Ohtori; the most popular establishment in town where the men are wealthy, the girls cat call right back, and with the right connections you can fight for the right to revolutionize the world.

An alternate reality Shoujo Kakumei Utena RPG
Darker, dirtier, and more dangerous than before.
moderator: sekiou
layout: yourflower

Club Ohtori - The Idea Behind This Purgatory
--All the characters of Ohtori Academy are present in this 'what if' senario roleplay where Ohtori Academy has been replaced with sleezy strip club.

It's owner is widely know; the handsome, rougish Akio Ohtori whose sister is the Club's main attraction: Anthy Himemiya, the dancer nicknamed The Rose Bride.

Funded by a small council of wealthy investors anything goes in the dark rooms of the club or the private chambers that can be yours for a small fee. But don't be fooled by the appearence of simplicity and canon attributes of this place. Here the police never seem to appear though it's often a site of violent drag races, shady transactions, and mysterious dissapearances.

Only a distinct few know what really goes on behind the degenerate curtain: Why the VIP passes are in the form of rings with Ohtori's trademark rose crest. Why Anthy Himemiya every so often seems to change whose arm she's on. Why in the dark of the night there's the howl of car engines but no one can ever find where they're coming from or evidence of any type of automobile the next morning.

The Structure - How this Game is Set Up
--The Duelists: Those selected to duel for ownership of The Rose Bride have been given a Club Ohtori VIP pass in the form of the rose crest ring.

--The Student Council: What was, in the Ohtori Academy dimension, known as The Student Council is now The Investors; those helping to fund Club Ohtori. It still consists of Kiryuu Touga, Kyouichi Saionji, Kaoru Miki, and Arisugawa Juri. The Investors meet on the balcony lounge over looking the main room of Club Ohtori.

--The Duels: The sword duels have been done away with and in their place Akio Ohtori has established drag races through the End of the World in competition for the Rose Bride. Another community, pike_revolution, has been established for these duels in order to keep clear chronical of them and further information can be found there.

--The City: The name of the city Club Ohtori is located in is Setebos, a water surrounded industrial region known as The Rose Island because of its shape. Information on current events, the weather pattern, and posts outside of Club Ohtori but still within the city can be made in the community setebos_city. More information can be found there.

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Setebos City
Pike Revolution
Ohtori Lounge

The Characters
--grayscale characters are taken. Click on the image for the character's profile.

The Owner The Rose Bride The Rogue The Panther The Princess The Siren The Butterfly
The Fiancee The Innocent The Genius The Selfless Lover The Wicked Queen



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