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What's in a name, really?

Juri's eyes moved from the man before her to follow his as he looked at the table he'd been seated at. The table was in one of the darker corners of the club, explaining why she hadn't seen the man earlier, and the empty glass upon it told her his general tastes when it came to alcohol. She noticed the great lack of waitresses around. Perhaps she shouldn't have let Wakaba head home early.

“A drink and a tour,” she said with a slight incline of her head. Not many requested a personal tour from her. What did this man want from one as powerful as the beautiful panther?

“Pardon me,” she said with a brief gesture toward the bar. “I'll be right back.”

The man had not given his name, but that wasn't of immediate importance; she would eventually come to know who this businessman was. He wasn't the type to be interested in her illegitimate business as a customer and she'd bought off the Setebos City police force a couple years ago. As long as she kept her business discreet, she was able to operate as she wished without repercussion.

Juri easily slipped through the crowd to the bar and stepped behind it waving away the bartender as she surveyed the multifaceted bottles before her. Her hand first when for the Tanqueray and then paused before diverting to a fine brandy. Dry Vermouth and Cointreau were taken down as well and she started mixing them with a practiced hand.

“Arisugawa-san,” the bartender started, “I didn't know you could mix a Black Feather”

“I did my time playing bartender back in my wilder days at college parties,” she said as she carefully added a dash of bitters and stirred the drink in ice. The businessman seemed to be the martini type, but she opted to give him something a bit better than the average faire.

The bartender chuckled. “That must be for someone important if you're using top shelf. Who is it for?”

Juri was a little annoyed at her employee's curiosity, but didn't let it show. “A potential investor,” she lied, satisfied at how quickly the bartender decided to drop the subject with an “oh”.

Straining the mixture into a glass, she added a twist of lemon as a garnish and poured herself another ginger-ale with mint. As she wrote the complimentary drink down on the bar log, she said in a quiet tone to one of her better informants that was “washing dishes” to find out everything he could about the businessman she was just about to take the drink to. “Under no circumstances is your investigation to be discovered,” she said in a steely tone before picking up both glasses and gliding back through the crowd.

Juri gave the man with the salmon colored hair a reserved smile as she held out the drink to him. “I'm sure you've seen enough of the main floor. We'll start with the upper private rooms,” she said as she gestured toward the spiral staircase with her own glass.
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