Mikage Souji (youronlyoption) wrote in club_ohtori,
Mikage Souji

Always keep them on gaurd and still knock them done.

"Far from it. This night has reached its prime."

She turned towards me, as quite the composed woman. But, that had been how I'd heard her described before and my information was always right. It was too bad that I hadn't seen the truth of her reaction to my approach. I am, of course, quite the advocate of truth, in my own world of lies. Ah, she continued to speak to me. A sweet voice, but one that has seen the trials of a colourful existence. Life, was never fair, after all.

"I've not seen you here before. I hope you are finding Club Ohtori to your liking,"

A grin of disgust graced my lips. All of this was so mundane, despicable human beings going about their dirty little business. However, this is a world that I must work within, although I may reach down from far above it. But for now it was my duty to strengthen my firm and with that power, become the master of this business.

"I am the house manager, Arisugawa Juri. Is there anything I can get you? A drink perhaps?"

This golden haired mistress was just going through her motions. I wonder what she truly wants, I have the clues, and it is a simple game of detective that I must now play. But, I can't yet tip my hand. Though, she will know of our connection soon enough. However, for the moment, a drink will do and I'll find a use for her later. In her position, there's no way I could let this opportunity pass me by.

"Yes, perhaps you could correct this oversight."

My expression returned to it's usual stoic appearance as I made a small motion to the table where I had been positioned and the exceedingly empty glass that sat atop the table.

I let silence fall into the space between us for several moments. If she wanted to wait for an introduction. Then she would be standing all night.

Another thought crossed my mind.

"And I wouldn't mind a tour."

I added in a nonchalant tone. Whether she agreed or not, didn't really interest me. But it would be a good way to secure my new surroundings.
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