Mikage Souji (youronlyoption) wrote in club_ohtori,
Mikage Souji

To Wish Impossible Things; are but an Invitation to One Such as I

For a long time I did not stir from my place in the back. Letting the patrons move about as well as the employees. No one seemed to take notice of me, which, of course was quite to my liking. In a place like this, a place for the socialites of the area to mix with riffraff that have connections it's best to remain nameless and yet have all know your face. Well, at least that would be the smart way to play it. Although, some did not. Perhaps they thought themselves above it, but everything comes to my desk and passes by my ears. Even all those dirty little secrets of her past.

It was the way the lights sizzled across her golden locks. The shimmer caught my eye as I scanned the crowd for my lovely little waitress that had gone missing and along with that my glass grew dry. Though, for a living machine it would be best to keep the mind sharp -- however, something to stave off the pounding beat would have been appreciated -- as there were the unsuspecting to pounce upon.

It had been difficult to find the faces that were in my files. None of the known investors seemed to be present and very few of the well-known staff. Of course the Dj lay in plain sight with the girl that everyone seemed to know, Himemiya Anthy. Dull, really, to so easily give into a primal nature. Did these humans really think themselves evolved? In an establishment, such as this, there was nothing but lowly desires being filled. How could these things really be any aid to life or career?

I let a small sigh pass by my lips.

However, their pitfalls are indeed mine for the taking, whether I am the one defending their meagre existence or simply destroying it. It matters not the who, but what I receive in the end. It is my ambition, no, my life’s meaning to do what no one else can: I will always win in all the deeds I do.

Now, I am indeed a man who understands people better than they understand themselves. I will make diamonds out of these wasting lumps of coal.

Or perhaps it was the fact that they would make me rich, which kept me in high spirits. If I were capable of such a feeling – I would be naïve of me not to be aware of how I was viewed by those around me. However, they certainly are not incorrect in there assessment. I can’t lie all the time can I? That would be far too predictable.

My night was not a total waste. That lady with the radiant hair, the one who had never left the corner of my eye, was indeed the Madame herself. How fortunate. Someone my firm had defended in the past. She was also someone with such a colourful past. My opportunities are endless with this fine creature. I might even have some brief amusement that thought had the fine line of my lips curl.

As I lifted myself from the table and once again straightening my undisturbed suit I glided quietly in her direction. Her emerald eyes seemed to wander far from our present location, not that I could blame her. It was most likely a much more pleasant place than our current setting. However, I had no qualm with disturbing the sleeping panther. No creature here could equal me.

"A night longer than hoped?" I asked in a smooth tone, from behind her. Although, she had found herself in the shadows, I was one with much skill and experience manoeuvring within the darkness. My garnet eyes, cold and empty, were fixed on one Arisugawa Juri.

Perhaps fro now I could use her as an alley. Of course, until a more lucrative opportunity presented itself and in a place like this I suspected it would not be long. It was time to spin the web further and I was the man to do it.

((OOC: I do apologize for the lateness. However, my work with languages has been more time consuming than I had imagined it would be. Though I do believe I have come to balance my time better. I look forward to playing a bit faster next time.))
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