Shinohara Wakaba (verdantly) wrote in club_ohtori,
Shinohara Wakaba

Carpe onus, if Wakaba had anything to do with it. However, while Wakaba might have defined the noun as 'weork', she had only taken enough Latin to get by as a prospective veterinarian and was unaware of what might be a more appropriate translation: 'trouble'.

Impress her. Impress someone so powerful. The waitress wasn't sure exactly what she would have to do (and how good she would be at anything past the dancing) but, well, it did no harm to give it a try.

It was almost surprising that Juri didn't comment on the pounding sound that filled Wakaba's ears. It was so lout, it must have been... construction. Going on down the street. Interesting that her head felt faint and that the thuds happened to correspond with the oscillation within her chest.

Impress me.

Hair the color of autumn curled so close by that Wakaba could smell it, make out the individual strands. It was the moment, indeed.

Leave it to Wakaba to totally misunderstand 'moment'. In order to not disturb the woman peering ferally at her, the brunette slid her seat backwards a few steps. Smooth, pale legs slipped off of the chair and balanced on tiny stiletto-shod feet.

First step: standing. Status: Accomplished!

Second step: impress Juri. Status: unknown. But possibly achieved through dancing.

The girl began to sway. She didn't have much of a routine prepared, but she had watched the girls night after night and knew most of their sets pretty well. Without much time to decide, she settled on Chigusa's: she'd seen it pretty recently, and didn't rely completely on any props.

Surprisingly, she did a passable job. Her top came off at the opportune moment, exposing a lacy forest-green boustier. Giving Juri what she hoped was a come-hither look, she pivoted and slowly, inch by inch, began to slip her skirt down over her hips. It was not something the girl was accustomed to doing in front of people, but she would have to get used to it. Judging by her lack of devastating mistakes so far, it looked like a job was in her future.

Carpe onus.
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