The Guardian Angel With Scarlet Hands (impure_lapis) wrote in club_ohtori,
The Guardian Angel With Scarlet Hands

From the shadows of her haven she watched her likeness cater to the pretty duo that decorated his booth, at the same time attempting to undo the damage that the sprinkler explosion had wrought. Did he even know she was there? Did he care? That old longing rose up like a lover in her stomach and her fingers curled like claws against the wall where she hovered. The idea of retreat flitter through her mind like the prying raven she’d dispelled, as unpleasant and black as she bird had been. Guardian angel’s weren’t to be seen or prayed to after all. And then her body was stilled by the emerald abyss that swallowed blue voids like quicksand. Beneath Anthy Himemiya’s gaze hatred and desire encased her, coffin like, and the quirk of full lips was menacing.

An eye for an eye. You screw my brother, I screw yours. Her phone was still there, icy against the heat of her thigh and warm beneath chill of her fingers. But I never play fair.

The ring was a low, long purr in her ear as she stepped from the darkness of her sanctuary and back out among the lions den of a room for a second time that evening. She picked a creature from among the throng of writhing patrons, a young girl who looked as if she’d gained access into the place by bust line and panty line, not age. One arm found hold around the female’s waist as a blush touched the lily cheeks of a narrow face while the phone clicked and a sleepy male voice filled her hearing.

“Do you know what time it is?”
“Contact information.”
“Nanami Kiryuu.”
The Nanami Kiryuu? Media darling and pert little blonde with an ass like-”
“Mm-hm.” She toyed with the plunging neckline of the blushing girl, tipping her head to the side innocently. “Anything?”
“Home phone.”
“No cell phone signal. Strange. Car phone?”
“Patch me.”
“A pleasure as always.”

Silence and then the lazy drone of ringing again swallowed his voice. She released the girl, trading her in for a place with her back against the hard chest of bleached haired Yanki across the floor. Again the ringing parted and gave way to masculine tones.

“Nanami Kiryuu, please.”
Uncertainty and suspicion laced the tone that responded; “Who’s calling?”

She heard the sharp intake of break and smirked in dark amusement. One finger traced the low riding waistline of her partner’s pants. There was the muffled correspondence of voices and the shifting of flesh and fabric and then the high-pitched vocals she’d been waiting to hear finally blossomed into full, indignant rhapsody.

“Who is this? This is a private number.” The princess was incensed.
“How surprising. It was considerably easy to reach you.”

Silence answered her response and she wondered if she could hear Nanami Kiryuu swallowing her tongue. The voice that came through the receiver was convincingly devoid of apprehension or intimidation. Points for its owner.

“You’re called Lapis, aren’t you? I’ve heard of you. But don’t think I can be cowed by a reputation.”
“Glad to hear it.”
“What do you want with me?”
Kozue smiled at the blunt impatience.
“I heard you were having a problem with Anthy Himemiya.”
“Oh. And who told you that?”
Observation. “A little birdy told me.”
“Apparently your turkey lied.” Kozue could hear the deception like music beneath her voice. “I really don’t have the slightest interest in Anthy Himemiya.”
“Oh? Silly me. I thought it might be a family thing. Since your brother so does.”
A bit marked the recipient’s disturbance. “I beg your pardon?”
“Didn’t you know? Why else do you think he’d frequent such a place?”
“What would you know!?”

The words were a scream and echoed over the distance sounds of crowd and carnival music. So the princess was at Mayhem was she? And her composure was slipping, oh dear.

“Well. Never mind.”

Kozue had no more idea of Touga motivations than, she suspected, his sister did but the lie benefited her and it certainly would unbalance her prey, the golden haired mega-diva. The feeling of fingers against her own sent a shiver along her arm and her eyes shifted to find her dance partner’s hand moving to slip the phone from her fingers, grinning in arrogant confidence. She drove her elbow into his gut sharply, enjoying the choking sound that sputtered from his throat.

“I’m on the phone. Idiot.”
Haughty suspicion. “What was that?”
“Boys.” She slinked from the dance floor, towards the bar, massaging the offended elbow with deft fingers. “They’re so grabby.”
“I don’t have time for playing your little games!” Her highness’ temper has snapped it seemed. “Do you have any idea who I am?”
“Every. In fact I thought I’d drop by and get to know you. Personally. How’s this Saturday, for you?” It wasn’t a request, it was a warning. Beneath the burning stare of the lights she leaned against the bar top, studying the sheen of her nails.
Nanami’s voice was low and impressively menacing. “I don’t accept visitations.”
“It’s a date then.”
Barely concealed exasperation and then dismissal laced the blonde’s tone. “You’re welcome to try. But I have guards placed all around my residence. And I really can’t be held responsible to what a group of men do to a foolishly overconfident woman.”
Her lips curved against the dark plastic of the mouthpiece. “Vice versa.”

And then the foreign sounds evaporated as she ended abruptly, as if a wire had been taken to the cord of the phone on the other end. The call had been terminated. The phone was snapped shut against her hip, laughter tickling her throat with airy wings. She leaned back, reclining until her body encompassed four of the barstools, short locks fanning around her face. Some people just had no faith.
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