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Juri stood in her office, towel in hand, and attempted to get as much of the water out of her hair as she could. She was annoyed at the state of the club, annoyed at the state of her navy blue pants suit, annoyed at the evening's delays. She had plans and Touga felt the need to upset them as much as humanly possible. Okay, perhaps she was being a little harsh; Touga didn't read minds, thank the gods. He couldn't have known what she had planned for the evening, and, thinking about it, that was for the best. The man would probably have gone even further out of his way to ruin her night if he knew.

She snorted and finger combed her hair, the semi-wet tresses weighing down her natural curls. How he ever got it in his mind that he had even a chance of getting her into bed was beyond her other than perhaps it was just one more way to boost his ego. Then again, a huge ego did lead to stupidity. Yeah, let's go be smart and get the club's open and vocal lesbian to agree to sleep with someone who not only has the wrong equipment but also a propensity to brutalize the women he's with. Juri rolled her eyes.

Oh yes... I find that most appealing, she sarcastically thought. Then those thoughts were turning to a decidedly darker path when there came a hesitant knock upon her office door.

Juri paused, towel over her shoulders, and a predatory grin crossed her face. That knock was most certainly from Wakaba and not Utena. Now her night can get back on track. Touga had left the building, Utena had been properly spared from the man's need to start a fire, Kozue was somewhere in the building and Wakaba had returned from her delivery, primed for the panther's proposal.

“Come in,” she called to the waitress.

The door opened and the waitress slipped inside, a mix of emotions on her adorable face. Juri suppressed a chuckle at the combination of fear and anticipation that colored the young woman's soft brown eyes. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul and, in Wakaba's case, that was most certainly true. Juri's were as well, though she'd learned years ago to mask what she didn't want others to see in her eyes. Her own hazel eyes were displaying nothing but calm appraisal.

Juri moved to the chair before her desk where she had laid her jacket to retrieve it, placing it on her desk, before she smoothed down the front of her unfortunately still wet cream colored blouse. Normally she would be annoyed by the almost see-through quality the garment had at the moment, but it might be of benefit in this endeavor, so she tried to ignore it. It was nights like this that she was very, very glad she didn't wear her locket to the club.

“Thank you for delivering that, Wakaba,” Juri said. “I hope you didn't get caught too badly in that torrent of water from the sprinklers earlier.” She knew very well the woman had been soaked just like everyone else, but since her office was amazingly dry in comparison to the rest of the club, she decided to pretend she didn't know. Hazel eyes drifted over the waitress' form and she clucked her tongue once.

“Oh, my dear,” she started with concern, unwinding the towel from her shoulders, “you look positively drenched. Here, take a seat,” the panther beckoned her prey to sit at one of the two leather chairs, moved just enough to be angled more toward each other than before. She leaned over slightly, auburn locks tumbling forward over her shoulder, and gently patted the waitress' face with a dry section of the towel.

After a moment, Juri flashed a charming smile at the young woman and left the towel in her grasp. She crossed the short distance to her desk and picked up the two glasses of pear cognac, a smooth sweet liquor one does not find easily at the local store, and returned to sit in the opposite chair. She crossed her legs and held one of the glasses out to the waitress. She kept her gaze steady and locked onto the waitress – not in an intimidating manner, but a direct and focused one. The young woman was quite delicious. Now to start...

“Tell me, Wakaba, dear, how are you finding your employment here at Club Ohtori?”
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