Shinohara Wakaba (verdantly) wrote in club_ohtori,
Shinohara Wakaba

Wakaba was spacey, but in a different sort of ADD way in comparison to the Rose Bride's gentle drift of thought. Almost to prove that very point, the waitress dashed inside Miki's hideaway and proceeded to ooh and ah over the darkened machinery; the re-ignition of a small portion elicited a gasp of delight. Lights played like multicolored fireflies all along the soundboard, green and red and very very interesting. Not to mention, she realized, that they all did something. It was really quite fascinating to a future veterinarian and college student like the Shinohara girl.

It eventually registered that she was being addressed. "Do I..? Oh, no!" Does she look like she knows much about sound equipment? The question (and attention from a male) made her blush a little and giggle, though. She turned to face Miki directly and smiled a warm, open sort of smile. "I would love that." And she stared. Smiling. For just a moment. Then a thought meandered up through the depths of her brain. Dancing... office... Miss Arisugawa!

"Oh no!" she cried out loud, turning on her heels and running full-tilt out the door into the main club. Leaving minor destruction in her wake, the girl made it back to the hallway, and at the door to her boss' office. She took a deep breath and smoothed her skirt (this might very well be an audition of some kind, after all!) before knocking with a trembling hand.
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